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Immediate delivery of FX

to your customers

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Is the first priority

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to your customers


Our  online banking software is designed to produce a rapid return on investment

Through speed and ease of implementation.

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ETT is the only way to ensure the best financial & banking tools

Why to use our banking software?

  • Homogeneity
  • Better orgineze
  • Transparency
  • Usability
  • Cost reduction
  • Reliability
  • Security

Main Banking Software Features

Manage third party funds anytime, anywhere

See a consolidated picture of customer accounts, own funds and revenues

Approve customer payments and FX

Monitor account activity, access transaction history, etc.

E-banking Security

Reset passwords and authorization codes for your customers

SSL certification included Monitor back office user activity

Most Modern and Advanced Security System

Online Banking Software

Quickly and easily execute transfers for your customers

View, print and download account statements

Access detailed information

Advantages for your customers

Improved use of IT resources and business processes

Better relationships with suppliers/ customers

Quick delivery of products and services

A reduction in data entry and customer services related errors

Improved efficiency

Analysis on demand of your financial situation including revenues and net assets to date

Reconciliation on demand of your treasury by currency, bank or liquidity pool

Search transactions by client, currency, amount, transaction ID, date, transfer type

Quick and Easy

Manage pre-paid debits cards for your customers

Add cards to accounts, allowing customers to load directly from their accounts

Export formatted data for your card program

Have your own private banking software

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Why use ETT banking Software as the complete financial solution for your business

Just the size – Big enough to be reliable,  small enough to be flexible –

  • Complete web design

  • Exchange Rate Facilities

  • Debit Card Programs

Our commitment

Our clients expect and deserve the best

Nothing is more important than our commitment to integrity. The quality of our reputation is just as important as the quality of our online banking software. We value the quality of the service above anything else.

Our future is built on continuous innovation, but our day-to-day operations wouldn’t be possible without our team members’ commitment to conducting business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.

At ETT we customize our E-banking software to our clients needs’ unique problems, methodologies and design styles, consistently exceeding expectations and providing the best possible online banking software and trustworthy service.

We take customer-centered approach to all problems. Every engagement begins with establishing a thorough understanding of our customer’s goals. We appreciate your specific design styles and methodology, and we have the flexibility to step in and work with virtually any application thanks to our banking API.

With a thorough understanding of a client’s situation and methodology, we put our 5 + years of EDA and advanced design service experience to work for you and adapt our financial software and process to your necessities.