About ETT Financial Software

ETT banking software is

An investment in market experience.

T he story of ETT started in Luxembourg in 2006 when three business associates met to discuss a perceived gap in the market for international on-line funds transfer software for small Credit Unions that would operate in a specific and compliant manner.  Out of that meeting of minds was born Epsilon Group which was initially based in Latvia and, after a short while in Panama and various changes in shareholding returned to Luxembourg as Epsilon Technologies SA in 2009. The actual writing of the software has always been done in Mauritius whilst project management has been led from Luxembourg, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Warsaw or Atlanta.

The company was moved to Mauritius in 2012 and the name was changed to ETT to avoid confusion with other companies using the name Epsilon. So now the intellectual property rights and product development are all within the same jurisdiction. Our clients are still all over the world as are the partners and associates that are client facing.

The first installation of what was then Epsilon software in early 2006 was in a Swedish Credit Union followed soon after by a second version for a small commercial bank in Cyprus, where the software was used as an interface into their SWIFT system and to allow on-line access to its international clients. Since then the software has been installed in various small financial institutions throughout the world wherever there is an emphasis on international payments and foreign exchange.


Think globally act locally.