Why use ETT financial software?

The main 5 reasons to grow your business with our banking software

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1. Small enough to be flexible

Our financial software is a complete package that includes all the functionality your finance company needs for managing transactions and foreign exchange. However, we understand that when you start using it, you may need customisation, anywhere from minor tweaks to new feature modules. We will develop custom features for you when required because our team of developers is flexible and our product is constantly evolving including our banking API. 

2. A company large enough to be reliable

Having been in this business for ten years, we have developed a high level of experience at management level. The management team has still got the same key players that were there ten years ago. This has allowed us to be stable and build a large team of developers in a secure environment. The knowledge that has built up over the years remains within our team, as we have always taken a long term view of business.

3. Genuine and verifiable experience in your specific marketplace

In particular systems and services for small banks, Money service Businesses, Credit Unions, Foreign Exchange dealers and other small financial institutions.

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Why use all our financial software?

  • Homogeneity
  • Better orgineze
  • Transparency
  • Usability
  • Cost reduction
  • Reliability
  • Security

4. We are involved in your risk management

Due to our experience in the finance and banking industry, we have direct experience of compliance management. We share this knowledge freely with software clients in order to enable them to be as compliant as they can be. We have also built our banking software in order to be able to efficiently manage and organise compliance, simplifying your task.  However, we understand that the types of risk will vary from business to business, and are willing to learn about your business in order to better adapt to your situation.

5. Continuing involvement is how we generate our profitability

We are not in the business of selling software and walking away. We provide continuous support, and are motivated by long term relationships. Being a debt free business, we do not have massive overheads to clear at the end of each month, so we do not need to sign up masses of new clients every month. We prefer to support the client and build a relationship of mutual respect in order to ensure that the client builds a profitable business, which translates into a software renewal for us.

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